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Note: if you have converted to Judaism please write what kind of conversion, i.e.: orthodox, reform. And that you have converted.

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a. Are you currently in, or have
you ever been in, psychiatric
treatment or therapy?
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b.Have you ever required psychiatric hospitalization? Please describe

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Do you currently use, or do you
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Have you ever taken or are you currently taking any psychotropic medication (antidepressant, mood stabilizer, sleep medicine, antipsychotic,etc.)

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Are you willing to do extra work on your own time? Such as reading articals or pratical exercises?
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Do you have any medical problems? Please list them, including all medications prescribed for any condition.
Have you recently had significant change in your sleep pattern or significant weight loss or gain?
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Are you experiencing, or have you ever experienced hallucinations (heard or saw
things that weren't there), delusions (believed something was happening that
wasn't), or paranoia (thought someone was after you when no one was)?
Have you ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia or paranoia?
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If answered yes Please describe
Have you ever felt suicidal, tried to commit suicide or tried to hurt yourself or someone else?
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Do you have any thoughts of doing harm to others? Have you ever physically hurt anyone?
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Tell me what kind of issues would you like to talk about?

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