Fellow jew and dear learner!

Considerable financial resources were invested in this site in order to produce the best service and

to provide our listeners with the best Gemara lesson in the world.




To that end, a number of Rabbis have founded a Torah institute in which they survey the

 Talmudic discussions and arrange them so that they can be clearly understood by all. 

In addition, the institute finances the training and expenses of first-class lecturers who

teach in English and Hebrew.  We plan in the future to train additional lecturers in Russian,

French, and other languages, depending on our budget constraints.




The institute has a skilled technical staff at its service in charge of the technical processing

 and arrangement of audio, video, and internet media, and finding quick solutions to

 unforeseen technical difficulties which may disrupt the continuous broadcasting of lessons 24 hours a day.




In accordance with the advice of our technical staff, the institute must do its best to

 stay at the forefront of technological advances.  From time to time we need to replace valuable

 technical instruments with newer and, obviously, more expensive equipment,

in order to improve the video quality at all levels.




The institute employs the services of an international firm which offers special

 programs for editing and processing that rank among the best in the world.