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שאוּ מרוֹם עיניכם וּראוּ מי ברא את אלה


Lift up your eyes towards the heavens, and look ...

"Who created these amazing planets & stars" ?


Astrology is the study of the physical stars and planets in our solar system, their energies and effects on the individual person and collective universe.

The whole of the universe is continually moving in space according to a Divine plan of precise and exact motion. The enormity, vastness and magnitude of our solar system, the universe and stars is beyond our physical comprehension of human imagination. This is referred to as “EIN SOF” - אין סוף - infinity.

The planetary movements in our solar system and the stars visible to our eyes in the sky at night have spiritual laws and energies. Each and every planet has energies and strengths which are coordinated to affect everyone and everything on this planet Earth, in accordance to a Divine plan of time.


Our soul receives energy to live every second of every day from GOD. Our spiritual soul is connected to the spirit world, and receives its vitality through the transcending levels of energies from the spirit world. The closer we are and more connected we are spiritually - the greater our vitality and creative life energy. The creative life energy of this world is GOD, and GOD is LOVE, LOVE creates life, LOVE sustains life, and the lack of love or hate means death.

Our soul constantly receives energy from GOD and the eternal Divine spirit world, which is the spiritual sustenance our soul needs. Similarly our physical body also receives energies which give our lives the variety and change we need for our journey of life on earth. The study of the energy our physical body receives from the planets and stars is called Astrology.

The life giving energy from GOD and Spirit world is called “Yeneeka” - יניקה מלמעלה - "pure nourishment from heavens above".

“Yeneeka” is the name also given to breast-feeding, as "Yeneeka" is sustenance that is created from thoughts of love and a desire to provide energy to the soul through the energy of love, hence someone who does not know how to love or has no loving energy is as good as dead, as they are blocking the flow of life-energy to their body & soul.

The secret of Jewish astrology is to be aware that we have a soul, and that the energy of GOD can override and supercedes everything, through the love we have for GOD and for the love given to us by GOD, we will always receive energy to live, if only we are open and loving to receive the “Yeneeka” from GOD, through the astrological energy of the planets.

The awareness that we have a soul in our physical body is of vital importance to understanding Jewish astrology, and will enable one to understand concepts of Astrology perfectly with pure truthfulness.

In this chapter we shall teach the following basic Jewish spiritual astrological concepts:-

#1. The concept of YENEEKA, the importance to the place of birth and where one lives .

#2. The concept of a SPIRITUAL birthday, and ones real birthday - the day of conception - the day ones soul and ones physical journey started on earth. Relating this to ones actually birthday - the day one was born and started the physical disconnection from ones mother.

#3. Understanding the 12 signs of the zodiac, the purpose of variety in mankind. Understanding the 4 groups of signs (water, earth, fire and air), the collective purpose of each group and reasons why instantaneously some people connect and others don't connect.

#4. The concept of cycle of life, the 12 periods of 7 years of life. The concept of living the 12 periods of life in ONE YEAR. The yearly cycle of life and the lessons of each month of the year both on a personal and collective levels.

#5. "Lucky days", with Mazel, and the concept of spiritual energy for certain days and places. Knowing the energy of the day and learning to live with the flow of life's energy and not fighting GOD or destiny. This important knowledge teaches which months in the year ones soul is open for changing, resting, hyper activity and spiritual growth.

#6. The concept of individual astrology and collective areas / "national" astrology. The balancing out of energies in the collective world hence the importance of SATURN as a "teacher" of past-life times reincarnations, and the importance of Uranus in Pisces.

#7. The concept that astrological influences DO NOT necessarily influence our lives, as our soul has a pathway which sometimes fits in astrologically and sometimes not . We shall explain the difference and the indicative signs to know the difference .

1. The Concepts of Yeneeka Milmaala יניקה מלמעלה

The Importance to the Place of Birth and Where one Lives.

In the same way we eat and drink, giving our body energy to live and survive. Our soul needs spiritual energy to survive.

יניקה מלמעלה - Yeneeka Milmaala - is the place where one receives ones energy from spirit world. It is a specific place in this physical world. This is the physical place where you should be living, and is the place your soul is yearning and searching for your physical body to move to.

If you are not living or were not born in that place, then you will find that you need to sleep more than most people, so that your soul can travel to that place whilst you sleep and feel recharged and energized. These signs should identify to you that you must MOVE from where you are living. Astrology will teach you to identify where the energy is best for one to live.

However, before you contemplate moving, you need to ask yourself honestly, why have you been born and put in the situation you are in. Is it because you have made mistakes in your life and got side-tracked or have you had no choice, and this is where your life has placed you. In either case, now that you are aware of knowledge from your enlightened spiritual learning. It is now time to change; your soul is now awakened and ready to make the changes.

The Place of Birth

In the spiritual concept of “Yeneeka”, it is vitally imperative that you consider the place of your birth and if you can - find out the place of your conception, if it's different, this indicates that your soul started its journey in one place, with the energy of that place and then collected the energy of everywhere your mother traveled until your birth. For this reason Jewish mothers are careful where they go during pregnancy so as not to disturb nor damage the spiritual soul of the child they are carrying.

In considering the place of birth, one should learn about and understand the energy that town/city is famous for and at the time of your conception and birth.

For example, Liverpool UK, became worldwide famous in 1963 when the Beatles revolutionized the music world. The creative loving transformation they made catalyzed a whole generation to change. The Beatles and the energy of Liverpool identifies with rebelling against the past, encouraging freedom of expression life through love. Anyone born or conceived in Liverpool in 1963 and 1964 has the potential energy to catalyze a change the world like the Beatles did for the music world, culture and society.

Other examples of places of birth, with specific energies that are associated with it; New York, considered be many to be the number 1 city of the world, with the tallest of sky scrapers on Manhattan, and a concentrated centre of capitalist business and materialism in the whole world; Paris - city of love and romance; London - a stable financial centre, with an energy of printing, publications and communications; and Rome - thoughts of the Roman Empire and of religion of Christianity.

Similarly, places can have meanings in peoples mind as places of death, tragedy, bad luck. Once labeled by our minds and thoughts, people born and associated with that place carry this negative energy.

Learn about the PLACE of your conception and birth. Learn about the history and events that occurred in the world at the time of your conception and birth.

Learn about the history of the place you are currently living in, what energies are associated with this place? What lessons do you need to learn in living there? What type of energy is your soul receiving? Is it life-giving good and creatively constructive or draining and deadly destructive?

After understanding the different energies of places in the world, some blessed and being given the gift of life and love, whilst other places are a focus of negative destructive emotions of hatred, violence and death. Then ask and pray for spiritual guidance to be guided to live in the right place for your soul.

In the pages of "CHANGE" on this website, we discuss how easy it is to change and move home by connecting with a place that gives your soul strength vitality and a desire to love and live .

2. The concept of a SPIRITUAL Birthday

ארבעים יוֹם קוֹדם יצירת הולד בת קוֹל יוֹצאת ואוֹמרת
בת פלוֹני לפלוֹני בית פלוֹני לפלוֹני שׁדה פלוֹני לפל

"Forty days before a person is CONCEIVED into this world, it is announced in heavenly spirit world, the daughter of this man is destined to marry this man, the house in this place - is destined for their home, and this field (livelihood/business/profession) is destined for this person."

40 Days of Spiritual Preparations

The start of ones life, begins in the spirit world 40 days before one is conceived. This is known as the SPIRITUAL birthday. In these 40 days preparations, events and plans are made for your successful journey into a physical existence.

Each and every year on this day, spiritual plans are made for your new year. In these 40 days prior to the anniversary of your of conception your mind and thoughts are open to spiritual knowledge, understanding and you are flexible to CHANGE. As all changes in a persons life starts as a spiritual thought. For those people who understand astrology, then you will know the last period of 30 days before ones birthday represents ones 12th house - the spiritual house, the time of inner thoughts and mystical changes in ones life.

On this spiritual birthday, ones soul connects with the divine source for a renewal of energy and to plan the forthcoming year. This day is important, each and every year from this day onwards for 40 days until ones birthday of conception, extra special spiritual knowledge and guidance is being transcended into ones soul.

Ones True Astrological Birthday

Spiritual Astrology teaches that ones physical creation is the day of conception, the day ones soul and ones physical journey started on earth. Spiritual and physical events happen concurrently in synchronous and harmonious conjunction with each other. So the time you where conceived is the time your physical journey starts.

Conception and Birth

Jewish spiritual astrology is based on the fact that the precise moment one is conceived is the astrological identity of ones soul, as this is the moment that the soul that transcends from the Spirit world, the astrological energies of the planets at conception truly identifies the energy of ones soul and physical life on earth. This major difference is the reason why some astrologers are not able to forecast the future, as they are using the natal birthday.

The book Raziel Hamalach, רזיאל המלאך, states clearly that the astrological time of your arrival on this planet, is the moment your physical journey starts. That is the moment of conception, ofcourse this is almost impossible to know, unless your parents are extremely sensitive and spiritually aware to have known this moment, when they felt your soul arrive in their bodies.

Nonetheless one should consider the Sun sign aspects of your approximate date on your conception. This will help you identify your character, known as the "Yesod" - יסוד – “Foundation” Sun sign of your astrological identity.

For example, everyone assumes Librans, whom are born in September - October, are loving, flexible, easily changeable moods, and have many friends. Yet they are also known to be very stubborn, determined, resist changes and have very few really close friends they can talk to completely honestly . That is because most Librans are in essence, conceived in 9 months prior in December - January, and during the Sun sign of Capricorn, are ruled by restrictive, slow and gracefully moving Saturn.

And for another example, a person born in Sun sign of Pisces, is actually conceived in Gemini, the quality of dual personality of a person conceived in Gemini is reflected in Pisces born person, as the constant fight between right and wrong, good and bad, spiritual and selfish materialism etc., Once this person has transformed their character - they can become into a selfless spiritual kindhearted Pisces natured person. This is the purpose of their journey of life on earth.

So check out your astrology for nine months before you were born at approximate moment of conception. Have you ever felt that something new always comes in your life three months after your birthday? That is indeed because astrologically it is the birthday of your physical journey in this world - the conception.

Ones astrological character is identified by the date of ones conception “birthday”, this is your intrinsic character instilled and infused within your soul.

Your natal birthday character is the character that you as an individual - without any parental and social influences will change into if you are 100% detached from your parents and social circumstances. In many cases, it is the character you are continually striving to become and change-into during your life.

The qualities of the character of natal birthday, is your potential result once you have transformed and developed your character, fulfilling your purpose in life. We all have come to earth to change and transform. This is the Sun sign given to you to identify your pathway of change during this life.

It is well known that when children grow up and leave home, developing their own independence and character - they can be remarkably changed from their childhood character. This is the character of "detachment" from ones mother - the natal birth character. If one has not yet transformed into the character, then usually at the moment when parents die, especially if one was attached to ones mother, this suddenly catalyses changes in the person’s character. This new and destined character is the natal birth character.

Ones real Astrological "birthday" is the day of ones Conception. The day ones soul and ones physical journey started on earth.

Jewish spiritual astrology is based on the moment of conception, as a basis and realization that we exist as a spiritual soul in a physical body. This ofcourse differs from non-jewish and non-spiritual astrologers, and that is why throughout the generations there has always been a different truth of astrology in the Jewish teachings.

Spiritual and physical events happen concurrently in synchronous and harmonious conjunction with each other. So the time you where conceived is the time your physical journey starts.

For many spiritually awakened people whom have worked out their SPIRITUAL birthday and have kept yearly diaries, then they have found events happening on the same day every year. With enormous energy of change, happiness and joy - these really are the signs of a spiritual birthday. The Spirit world is blessing a person on this day with spiritual birthday gifts !

3 . Understanding the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Aries 21st March - 20th April
Taurus 20th April - 21st May
Gemini 21st May- 21st June
Cancer 21st June - 22nd July
Leo 22nd July - 23rd August
Virgo 23rd August - 23rd September
Libra 23rd September - 22nd October
Scorpio 23rd October - 22nd November
Sagittarius 22nd November - 22nd December
Capricorn 22nd December - 20th January

20th January - 21st February

Pisces 22nd February - 21st March

The purpose of variety in mankind is to make each individual humble and aware that one is just “one piece in a whole picture”, no-one is perfect nor contains the characteristics of everything and everyone. We are all individual pieces that come together to perform our personal and collective purpose in life. The variety in life gives each individual uniqueness as well as an awareness and quality of belonging to the “soul group of the collective world”. The 4 groups of Sun signs are categorized by the 4 elements; water, earth, fire and air.

FIRE Aries, Leo, Sagittarius .
EARTH Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn .
AIR Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
WATER: Cancer , Scorpio ,Pisces

Reb Chaim Vital, the famous Jewish kabbalist who wrote the “Book of Reincarnations” Sefer Gilgulim. Explains the four elements of nature, each of which come with its own specific mission and test in life to overcome:-

The FIRE signs have a tendency to be exceedingly selfish and proud; their lesson in life is therefore to become more considerate of others, kind and selfless. Also to become more humble in their behavior by learning consideration for other people feelings and emotions. The Fire sign can be overbearing intimidating and “burn” people, the fire sign needs to learn to control its temperament, to control and provide the right amount of energy when it is needed, and not to be so overbearing that pushes people away.

The EARTH signs have a tendency to be lazy and depressed their lesson in life is to create activity and keep themselves busy. Additionally even when they are busy they must make sure they have the right attitude, thinking positive constructive thoughts, avoiding depressive, sad, negative or jealous thoughts. Once the earth sign learns to control its energy it can provide very solid foundations for any project or venture.

The AIR signs have a tendency to talk too much and to tell lies, sometimes with their sharp tongues they can hurt and damage other people. They must learn to tell the truth and communicate positive loving thoughts with other people, giving people constructive encouragement and support with their words. Learning to control the power of speech and communication can help to join together all facets of society.

The WATER signs have a tendency to follow their animal instincts, instead of thinking of the difference between right and wrong. They have a tendency for too much and excessiveness in eating, drinking and sex. Therefore, they must learn to control themselves and their animal instincts. Once controlled, they provide necessary sustenance to provide life to the world.

Why do you connect wonderfully with some people, horribly with others, and some people you don't connect with at all?

In astrological terms you are looking for someone on your level, with a vibration of their physical and spiritual soul in harmony with yours. This is based on the 4 elements of nature. As each astrological sign vibrates to one of 4 basic groups:-

FIRE Aries, Leo, Sagittarius .
EARTH Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn .
AIR Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
WATER: Cancer , Scorpio ,Pisces

For example in the same logical way “Fire” is extinguished by “Water”, so too in astrological spiritual terms, the “fire sign” person will feel extinguished by the “water sign”. Looking at each combination of each the groups:-

Fire signs

ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS are the Fire signs. Though they sparkle in different ways, they are all passionate, and restless. Don’t look here for a quiet life. Be ready for a temper that flares up at the slightest provocation but then rapidly burns out. Be ready too, to face irrepressible ambition. Fire fancies itself as invincible. Though it is always hungry and in a hurry, it thinks that sooner or later, it can wear down the most resistant material and make it come ablaze. If a Fire sign person wants you as a partner, you’ll find it hard to damp down their enthusiasm. Saying no will merely make you seem like more of a challenge. If you really don’t want the heat, keep well away from the kitchen. But some like it hot... and those who do are right in their element here.

Air signs

GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS are the Air signs who dwell in the realm of thought and theory. Their heads are always in the clouds. From this lofty position they can see a long way and find a lot to say. If you enjoy conversation, debate and discussion, here's your perfect partner. Not so if you happen to feel there's more to life than words. An Air sign person can say pretty much anything and make it sound persuasive. So persuasive, indeed, that they will convince themselves it must be true! Woes betide you if you argue. That's playing right into the Air person's hands. Air likes to whip up a wind. It also likes to be free to float. If you like things to be the same from day to day, Air's constant changeability will drive you bananas. If though, you like to get high on the exhilarating oxygen of brainpower, here's your source of eternal excitement.

Earth signs

TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN are the Earth signs. They are solid and strong. Or so, at least, they seem. Think though, of soil and the way it surges with invisible, life-giving energy. Or consider a tree. Though very much 'of the earth' it is constantly in a state of change. It adapts to the seasons and never stops growing. Earth sign people, despite their image of implacability, are sensitive, sensual and subject to slow but steady change. They possess enormous power and love to put this to a fruitful use. The further into the earth you dig, the more hidden treasure you find. If you seek depth and meaning, an Earth sign person is your ideal companion and likewise, if you want loyalty, dedication and integrity. If though, you thrive on drama, adventure or debate, you may prefer someone with whom the ground rules are less clearly defined.

Water signs

CANCER, SCORPIO, and PISCES are the intuitive and emotional Water signs. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and rightly so, for their hearts are pure and kind. Though they pretend, in different ways, to be dry, they can't help but well up with compassion at the slightest sob story. But they can afford to be a little more giving than the rest of us because, for all their apparent insecurity, they can never come to real harm. It's easy to disperse water but hard to destroy it. Sooner or later, even if it has to seep underground or evaporate in order to escape, water always finds its way to more water. If you seek a companion full of heartfelt feeling, look no further. If you prefer less fluidity or you fear being swamped by ever-changing moods, you're out of your depth here.

The combination of the groups relate to each other as follows:-

Fire and Fire

Fire is always attracted to more fire. The question, when you put two fire people together, is not 'will they be drawn to one another' but 'will the relationship burn itself out?' It certainly will if there's too much competition for the same source of fuel. How then, can you prevent a Fire sign partnership from flaring up wildly, only to go out in a blaze of glory? You need a totally shared sense of purpose. You have to turn your fire on a common enemy, not on each other or reach an agreement about what you are trying to achieve together. Even with such a deal struck, sparks will occasionally fly. Fire people love a challenge. They can't resist infuriating each other every so often. Then again, if you thrive on passion, there are some distinct advantages to life with someone who can always get you feeling fully inflamed.

Fire and Earth

Earth is covered in vegetation which fire can burn. Deep below the earth there's coal and oil, even more substantial fuel for fire. It is easy then, to see why Fire people are drawn to Earth people. They provide constant psychological fuel for the fiery person to consume. Why though, should an Earth person fancy a Fire person? Where's the advantage in getting together with someone who will take all you've got to give and come back for more? The Earth person is understandably cautious. But the Earth person does have a need for fire. You can see this more clearly if you appreciate how sensuous Earth types truly are. They yearn to feel the earth move and nothing makes the earth move more dramatically than an explosion! That's why, if this relationship gets off the ground, it turns out to be such dynamite.

Earth and Air

Without earth's gravity, there would be no air. Without air, earth would be incapable of supporting life. People born under these two elements are strongly drawn to one another. Air people benefit greatly from having a partner who will ground them. Earth people (who need stimulation if they are ever to get anywhere) enjoy the flow of ideas that only an air person can offer. In theory then, this is a perfect union. In practice, there are a few little problems. Tornados, for example, blow up when the Air person can find no other way to make the Earth person shift. Or underground caverns that entice in fresh air and then, by sealing up their entrances with a sudden rock fall, trap it there forever. These risks though, can be avoided. And, when they are, no relationship can match it ... in heaven or on earth!

Earth and Water

To understand this relationship, consider the contrast between land and sea. Imagine these forces in perpetual battle; think of mighty waves, crashing against rocks, earth and water themselves seem to enjoy unleashing all that energy. Earth and Water people have a similar tendency to clash superficially but form a deep, fulfilling, lasting bond. They are not always instantly drawn together but slowly, they find a way to coexist. The more they do, the more they see how much they can offer each other. Soil needs rain in order to be fertile. Rivers need banks if they are to stay on track. Earth and Water people need each other for inspiration and support. Only when they fail to keep separate identities and try to 'merge' do we get a problem. Water mixed with Earth makes mud ... but then, some of us feel that even this is glorious!

Earth and Earth

What happens when irresistible force meets immovable object? Put two Earth sign people together and you'll find out! In theory, there's potential for endless pressure; a battle for ultimate supremacy between two tectonic plates that can only ever end in an earthquake. In fact, it rarely comes to this. Earth sign people are never drawn to each other unless they can both sense a viable way to share the territory. Agreement from the outset, is imperative. But lively relationships need just a small amount of friction. If you dare not allow even the tiniest amount of this to develop for fear of starting something that you can never finish, the result is likely to be a partnership that trundles, uneventfully on and on... and on...

Water and Water

What does water want, more than anything else? To find its way to yet more water! Think how inland streams make their way across the country till they reach first the river then the ocean. Water people have a similar, natural desire to seek one another's company. There they find a level of empathy that nobody else can match. Even Water sign people who happily marry individuals of another element, will ensure they keep a fair selection of Water friends. Not all Water relationships though, are an instant success. Warm water tends to float, in a slightly superior way, over cold. Fresh water will try to keep itself from salt water. Some waters merge more naturally than others and all have a difficult time when it comes to separating. Every water/water marriage is 'for life', no matter how often or how intensely both may try to part.

Air and Air

"Who can see the wind? Neither you nor I, but when the tree bows down its head, the wind is rushing by. What are we to conclude though when we see that tree nodding wildly up and down like a teenage heavy metal fan? Surely this can only mean that it is being blown by two winds at once. Air sign people have no difficulty forming a rapport with one another - kindred spirits who feel, from the moment they meet, that they are renewing an old acquaintance. When they're in agreement, they're closer than a pair of lovebirds. When they're not, they're like clowns back to back on a tandem, each trying to pedal in the opposite direction. It's then that the relationship stops being a breeze and turns, instead, into a wild hurricane. Air sign people never agree to differ. They like contradicting each other too much.

Air and Water

Put air into water and you get lovely bubbles. Put water into air and you get soft, fluffy clouds - provided that there's not too much pressure. We all know though, what happens to a fizzy drink if it's shaken. We also know how atmospheric pressure can cause water in the atmosphere to turn into something very cold and clammy. Air and water go well together... most of the time. Air sign people provide intuitive Water people with much-needed intellectual perspective. Water people return the compliment by compensating for the Air person's dry attitude. But while they can visit one another's domain, they cannot remain in it for long. The bubbles go flat after a while. Likewise, the clouds tend to disperse. This relationship has to be constantly renewed and revived. It is though, well worth the maintenance.

Fire and Water

Put fire under water and you get steam. Place water over fire and you put the fire out. Everything depends, in this relationship, on who takes the lead. Hot water is more powerful than cold. When water is changed by fire, it makes greater impact. No wonder then, that Water people find Fire folk appealing. They have nothing to fear. They know they can quench fire if it gets too hot. But why should a Fire person want to get close to a natural force that can destroy it? There is no logical answer. Water has nothing to offer Fire, but it needs it and wants it. That's why it works so hard to attract it! Fire is willing to be drawn because it hungers to be powerful in any way it can. It can't resist that steamy sizzle. Fire likes living dangerously. Water likes to get excited. This pairing may not be wise but it's hard for either to resist.

Fire and Air

Fire needs air. Without it, no matter how much fuel it has, it cannot survive. Why though, does air need fire? It can exist quite nicely without all that smoke. It's the heat that it seeks. As any meteorologist will tell you, air currents are driven by temperature changes. Wind will not develop and travel unless something warms it up. Air sign people then, find Fire sign folk useful. They get them to stop sitting around thinking and they make them start doing things. There is strong attraction between these elements but there's also an ever-present danger. Fire folk glow so brightly in an Air person's company that they forget to refuel. Then, the wind ends up putting out the fading fire. But as long as there's even a tiny spark remaining, a breeze can rekindle it. Thus this relationship can carry on blowing hot and cold for a lifetime.

4.The Concepts of the Cycle of Life

Life consists of 12 periods of 7 years

According to traditional Jewish astrology, a person’s life is split up into 12 sections of 7 years making a total lifespan of 84 years.

The first 7 years one is like an ARIES ram, always putting oneself first selfishly and running around causing mayhem in complete irregular fashion, just like a newborn ram.

The next 7 years from 7 till 14, one is like a TAURUS bull, full of energy and fighting for ones space.

From 14 until 21 one transforms and becomes like twins GEMINI, developing a split personality from a child to an adult, with opinions and attitudes like a child and that of an adult.

From 21 till 28 like the sign CANCER, with changeable moods as one is sampling and tasting everything in early adulthood and adapting to changeable views of life, in the same way that Cancer is ruled by the ever changing Moon.

From 28 till 35 one becomes to one's physical peak and strength of the LEO lion, which identifies one's character, and usually the unchangeable course one has taken in life.

From 35 till 42 one settles into a semi permanent, yet orderly, well organized earth state of the intelligent young VIRGO.

From 42 till 49, one becomes the intelligent, thoughtful and communicative LIBRAN, balancing out and harmonizing life, with experience and ability to communicate ones thoughts sensibly.

From 49 till 56 like the Scorpio, a person develops an intense personality with hidden depths. SCORPIO has learnt through life experiences and no longer has fears. It can handle most situations.

From 56 till 63 like a Sagittarian full of optimism and encouragement, from life it has learnt and matured, nurtured its one character and able to reflect back on life positively with an exuding confidence developed and earned from experience. Therefore one is able to convincingly instill optimism.

From 63 till 70 like a Capricorn, they start to become introverted and take a very contemplative look at life. This can lead to depression and taking a damp look at life, they start to take a rigid and emotionally cold outlook on life. This stage in life they become very disciplined and fixed in their ways with little flexibility, which can be a good attribute if they have developed a fine character in their life, or a really depressing nuisance if they have failed.

From 70 till 77 like a unpredictable and communicative AQUARIAN, they have extremely fixed opinions, but are prepared to share their views with others, and start to talk and communicate their ideas and thoughts, even if only by reminiscing.

From 77 till 84 like a spiritual deep-thinking PISCES, idealistic sensitive and intuitive, no longer thinking about the everyday worries they had when younger, they are learning to look at and appreciate the deeper more emotional meaning of life . Becoming selfless and giving to others in an inspirationally spiritual way, using all their years of experience from their whole life and using these years to reflect on the true good memories and sensory pleasures of life, like music, nature and art.

In some circumstances, especially in the case of reincarnated souls, a young person may have developed their soul in previous lifetime and choose to continue where they left this world, hence a 40 year old may already be advising and thinking like a wise spiritual 80 year old !

The Yearly Cycle of Life Each Year Contains 12 Months

Each person has a yearly life cycle, whereby ones soul experiences the same type of lessons each and every year at the same time of year, as their soul is influenced by the movement of the sun in that sun sign . This yearly cycle is known as the movement through the 12 astrological HOUSES. Each month has its own specific energy, purpose and lessons to learn. The purpose of understanding each months energy is in order to learn to flow with life's energy instead of fighting the destiny of life !

Remember - Jewish astrology teaches the first month is from the month of conception !

This is an important fact when understanding the energy of each month, the remaining 12 houses will only make perfect sense if one calculates the start from day/month of conception . As we explained above, the 30 days before ones "conception birthday" is the 12th house - ones spiritual house, this period is ones most intuitive and spiritual, as spiritual knowledge and energy flows into ones soul at this time.

The concept of each of the 12 months of the year as a reflection in part of the 12 periods in ones whole life cycle is also relevant, but the HOUSES have a more refined energy for each particular month.

The Twelve Houses – Months of Each and Every Year

Each house represents each month of YOUR year, the 1st house starts with the 1st month from the month you were conceived. eg if you are born on 9th September you were conceived say 9th December, then 1st house of SELF is from 9th December till 9th January etc., each and every year the cycle of monthly energies pertain to that month for you.

First House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to develop your own unique identity and present it to the world. Traditionally this house is associated with personal appearance.

Second House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to define and refine your personal sense of values. The things, talents, and qualities that you treasure, cherish, enjoy, and hold on to for security is here, personal possessions and material wealth. Traditionally this house is associated with; inner and outer talents and resources, personal values.

Third House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to organize personal experiences to form your own unique picture of the world, and then communicate your perceptions to others. Traditionally this house is associated with; brothers and sisters; basic education; eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.

Fourth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to develop your capacity for emotional closeness; to find a feeling of security; and to face the effects your early childhood experiences had upon you. Traditionally this house is associated with; nurturing; inherited traits; unconditional love; the type of home you establish.

Fifth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to develop your creativity and self-esteem, and to find joy in living. Traditionally this house is associated with; children; enthusiasm; creativity; and motivation.

Sixth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to seek competence; to function efficiently, in your physical body and in your work. Traditionally this house is associated with; work; health; services; habit patterns; food; diet; pets.

Seventh House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to develop committed relationships with others. Traditionally this house is associated with; your attitudes toward spouses and partners; intimate relationships; marriage; friends; dealings with the public; what you look for in others.

Eighth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to boldly wrest all the powers of your psyche from the deep, dark underworld; focus all that power with ruthless intensity on the process of breaking down your reality structure into little pieces, then reassemble all the pieces into a new whole. Here is the place where all the taboos of society are addressed; where you dig into your own "internal garbage" to find the treasure hidden there. Think of a compost heap where all the bits of decaying food break down and eventually turn into fertilizer to nourish new growth. Traditionally this house is associated with; other people’s resources (possessions, money); sex; death and regeneration.

Ninth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to broaden your philosophical perspectives and to realize your highest potentials. Traditionally this house is associated with; the higher mind; higher education; law; in-laws; grand children.

Tenth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to earn respect and recognition in the world. Traditionally this house is associated with; ambition; status; reputation; career; the parent who set limits for you as a child.

Eleventh House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to establish a relationship with group consciousness and contribute your gifts to community. Traditionally this house is associated with; humanitarian organizations; associations; friends; hopes, wishes and ambitions; shared ideals.

Twelfth House

This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to explore your inner depths in solitude and silence; to discern between illumination and illusion, between spiritual growth and escapism. Before you can transcend the definitions of reality that confine you, you must be willing to let go of them. These definitions often have to become uncomfortable before we want to let go of them. Disillusionment and the experience of "bad luck" can create the desire to move through and beyond what is causing the pain. This is the house where spiritual knowledge and intuitive thoughts, plans and ideas flow easily into ones mind; it also tries to create situations if one has been side-tracked from a spiritual pathway to a materialistic pathway. This is certainly the month one should be focused SPIRITUALLY and not materially!

For those people whom have studied astrology and wondered why certain astrology aspects never fitted-in with reality, this is because the person was looking at the pattern of houses from BIRTH and not conception. When one looks carefully at each house for each month, then "astrology" starts to make sense ! Planning the months of the year in accordance with spiritual astrology, helps a person go with the natural spiritual flow of life and destiny.

5. Each Day has its Own LUCK

"Lucky days" with good fortune and the concept of spiritual energy for each day of the week is knowing the energy of the day and learning to live with the flow of life's energy and not fighting GOD nor destiny. This important knowledge teaches which months in the year ones soul is open for changing, resting, hyper activity and spiritual growth

The "Best Months" Energy

In the same way that we explained "Why some people connect with others and some don't ?" is based on the 4 elements AIR, WATER, FIRE and EARTH in section 3 above, Similarly one will experience these connections during the corresponding SUN sign .

Hence a libran - air sign will be energized when the Sun is in Leo in August, feel at peace and harmony in Aquarius in February, but will feel heavy in September - Virgo and January - Capricorn. By learning the reaction of ones element to each of the SUN signs element- it will become perfectly clear how the energy of ones soul is revitalized, energized or depressed and sleepy during each of the months of the year .

When a person learns the sun signs and knows the elements of each sign, then one can optimize and maximize ones potential, using the maximum energy for the conducively easy times, and resting, taking-it-easy, recharging during those months when the Sun sign energy is not conducive to ones soul. There is no point in fighting against a "bad mazel" ! There is a time to sow, a time to reap, a time for work, a time for rest... everything in this world has a time !

The New Moon Energy

During every transit of the sun in each of the 12 sign during the year, there is a New Moon in each of the signs. The New Moon does NOT occur when the Sun goes into that star sign but it will occur within 28 days . Once the NEW MOON has occurred in that SUN sign then the MAXIMUM potential of energy in that sun sign has refreshed itself and started anew.

A new beginning occurs every month in every star sign for the purpose to reinvigorate and energize that sun sign and all those who are affected by that energy of the sun sign. The New moon is exceedingly important in Jewish astrology, and that is why the Jewish people use a calendar based on the Moon, the new moon is the 1st day of the Jewish month . (see www.hebcal.com for more information on jewish calender).

The Best Times to Guarantee Success

There are three periods in every day of every year which are the best times for you and your soul to maximize your potential, they are based on the Sun signs times of your conception and birth . Because of the complexity i have written a whole page explaining how to calculate the three best times for you in the section on charts and tables.

The Concept of a "Birth" Every Day

In astrology, as you will see from the monthly and yearly astrological events, that astrology is NOT just related to the time you were born or conceived, but as we explained in "Yeneeka MilMaala". An energy that is part of your spirit soul comes down and transcends in many stages during your life.

Therefore you could have an "astrological birthday" for your soul, on the day of important irreversible event in your life, like the day you get married, divorced, have a baby, move home, move to a new country, change profession, decide to improve your personality.

Once can use "astrology" wisely in planning to start a new project career or getting married at a good time astrologically, according to the days astrological events, eg., the beginning of a new moon is using the astrological new energy to energize ones life correctly.

Spiritual energy of the days of the week

Each of the days of the week, in every week has an energy that transcends itself and infuses a similar influence of energy into each day of the week. You may already feel that some days of the week you love, others you feel tired and drained with no energy.

This is accepted and proven from Jewish astrology and also greek astrology. Hence the names of our week are derived from the names of the planets that influence that day, in accordance with Rabbi Akiva in the Talmud there is simply no point.

The days of the week you were born

With the knowledge and understanding that each day has a specific energy, the Talmud Shabbos 156a indicates the following characteristics of people born and the energy of the days of the week.

The Rabbis in the Talmud gave us this knowledge in order to indicate what and when one's weaknesses and strengths are, through knowledge and awareness of one's weaknesses helps one become stronger by overcoming these weaknesses.

According to spiritual Jewish tradition, the day begins at sunset the previous evening. So "being born on Sunday" - means from sunset Saturday evening until sunset Sunday evening. "Being born on Monday" - means from sunset Sunday evening until sunset Monday evening etc., This is because the energy and influence of one day begins in the evening after sunset. How your day turns out is directly related to the events and feelings you have the evening before. Having a lovely meal and peaceful evening and good healthy sleep in the evening will infuse and have significant effect on you for the next day.

Likewise each days' influence begins in the evening after sunset, hence the following are true from the Talmud, for the day of the week you were born and the energy of each day every week :-


Gives you the energy of single mindedness, you are and can be extremely focused on one particular goal. It can also make you a very singular person - meaning you are of one character, all good or all bad. There is no middle ground or two sides of your character.


Gives you the energy to be a bad tempered individual, always causing arguments and friction amongst other people.


Gives you the energy to be a wealthy person, you will always have what you need and more. It also has the energy that makes you desire sex and love.


Gives you the energy to be a wise and radiant person, with ability of good memory and communication abilities.


Gives you the energy to be a very sincere and kind person, always searching for ways to help other people. You will also have the character that makes you independent from others. You prefer to give rather than take, so you will find yourself in positions to give to others.


Gives you the energy to be very energetic person, always self motivated with plenty of energy and aliveness. You have the ability to instill energy into anything, with hyper-activity.


Gives you the energy to be a very spiritually minded person, your goals and aims in life are not just physical, but you are searching for more meaning and spiritual understanding in life. It may also mean that you make your own life restrictive, as you see some activities in life superfluous and unnecessary time-wasting.

Spiritual Energy of the Planets

According to Jewish astrology there are 7 inner planets related to the 7 days of the week and 7 spiritual levels of the "Sefirah" - "the Kabbalistic ladder of Heaven and Earth". There are 7 planets known as the "SHIVA KOCHVEI LECHES" -שבעה ככוֹבי לכת - the 7 inner planet .

חמה - The Sun - (Sunday)

Anyone born with the influence of the Sun (that means they are LEO or LEO ascendant,  will give you the energy of self- sufficiency and independent minded . It will help make you a radiant person, always shining, but will also make you like "an open book", never being able to hide any secrets. And if this person stole anything or did anything wrong they would be caught and exposed.

כוֹכב נוֹגה - Venus - (Friday)

Anyone born with the influence of Venus (that means they are LIBRA or LIBRA ascendant, TAURUS or TAURUS ascendant  will give you the energy to make you magnetic to wealth and money. The energy of Venus will also make you very sexually passionate, desiring and needing Love and sexual passion is a driving force of Venus energy, which if directed in the right direction of one loving relationship is an excellent aspect for a loving life , but if it makes a person a flirt and promiscuous to more than one sexual partner will destroy the essence of the soul.

כוֹבב - Mercury - (Wednesday)

Anyone born with the influence of Mercury ( that means they are GEMINI or GEMINI ascendant, VIRGO or VIRGO ascendant  will give you the energy to radiant and exude confidence and brightness wherever you go , with an ability to communicate intelligently . Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the solar system around the Sun , it is also the brightest planet in the sky , receiving its light and energy being closest from the sun . Similarly one whose influence comes from Mercury will be always excitable, alive, communicative, talkative and vibrant with a lovely radiance .

לבנה - The Moon - (Monday)

Anyone born with the influence of the Moon (that means they are CANCER or CANCER ascendant  will give you the energy just like the moon, always waxing and waning. This person under the moon's influence and energy will always be suffering, continually moving forward and progressing, then failing and moving backward experiences throughout life. They will also be very much dependant on other people for their livelihood and income . They will , however, always be able to hide their secrets and misdeeds - which will make them great crooks and thieves.

שׁבתאי - Saturn - (Saturday)

Anyone born with the influence of Saturn (that means they are CAPRICORN or CAPRICORN ascendant, AQUARIUS OR AQUARIUS ASCENDANT  will give you a very guided and restrictive energy, it will seem like everything in your life has a specific time and place . You will endure setbacks that are only their to teach you the lesson of patience, but you will succeed .

However your thoughts and plans will always be cancelled out and blocked , unless you get on with your plans IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT tell anyone , as their energy will cancel out your plans . Even if you have started something good , other peoples thoughts and energy can still cancel out your plans until the action is complete . The only advantage to you of this energy is that when people plot and plan against you , their plans will always fail . It is as if you have friends in high places that are looking after you .

צדק - Jupiter - (Thursday)

Anyone born with the influence of the Jupiter ( that means they are SAGITARRIUS or SAGITARRIUS ascendant, PISCES or PISCES ascendant  ) will give you the energy to be kind hearted and righteous . Your desire to help as many people in life as possible . You will always get great satisfaction in giving to others .

מאדים - Mars - (Tuesday)

Anyone born with the influence of the Mars ( that means they are ARIES or ARIES ascendant, SCORPIO or SCORPIO ascendant  ) will give you the energy of "trouble - making", you love a good argument especially when you know you are wrong . You enjoy hurting people's emotions and feelings , and have a tendency to emotional and physical violence , this is even more intensified if you are SCORPIO ( as one has the violent energy of PLUTO ) . You would make a great soldier , butcher of meat , thief or even a solicitor / lawyer, any profession where you have a disregard for other people's feelings, and gives you the chance to hurt other people .

6. The concept of collective areas/national astrology

In this small world where we live, through the gift of communication of telephone and internet we are brought closer and more connected to different people and cultures then ever before in the history of mankind . We are all living a collective astrological influence in many respects in our lives.


The influence of URANUS in the area of the AQUARIUS part of the sky from 1997 until 2003 influenced and energized the spread of communication of the internet.

From March 11th until September 2003 and from December 31st 2003 until 2011, URANUS will be traveling in the spiritual sector of the sky in PISCES.


2004 - 2011

This is the precise timing for spiritual understanding knowledge to become popular for the next 7 years as the planet Uranus moved on December 30th 2003 into Spiritually minded Pisces. Which means the focus is on a personal, soulful and individual spiritual development, the study and understanding of spirituality, life-after-death, and the existence of a spirit world, hence the phenomenal interest in Kabbalah, Reincarnation and everything truly spiritual without the manmade fabricated laws and meaningless nuances.

The major religions have lost their monopoly on religion because of the hypocrisy, animosity and hatred. Whereas, spirituality of life is the fact that God is love. The divine Godly energy that creates and sustains this planet, the solar system and all of the spirit realms is LOVE energy. For the next 7 years the human spiritual development will be away from traditional religions and towards an individual approach and belief in GOD . Each person will develop their own spiritual understanding, love and appreciation of GOD and spirit world .

Just consider that 7 years ago in 1996, did any of us know about the true growth and potential of the internet . And yet all of our lives in the whole world have been transformed by this amazing tool of communication and encyclopedia of knowledge. Likewise in 7 years time we will all look back and see the amazing spiritual transformation that is destined to happen .

The last time Uranus was in Pisces was in 1919-1929, which was a time of an affluent thriving modernizing generation . Post World War One, after the hatred, death and carnage of war, gave people the peace of mind and love, to developer and change their lives through creativity and invention . Similarly, the transformation we shall undergo will be away from rigid rules of hateful traditional religions, having experienced some really awful murderous acts, especially by hateful fanatics.

The world will hopefully collectively transform and move towards a world of peace, love, harmony and acceptance of all of humanity as children of the same GOD of love. That is indeed the ideal of the "times of Moshiach" - for all nations to live in peace - with no more wars or hatred - only kindness, peace and love .


The Spiritual planet of Reincarnation

The concept of collective astrology of all of mankind with respect to SATURN. The balancing out of energies and lessons of many lifetimes in the collective world, SATURN as a "teacher" of past-life times reincarnations, will invoke the necessary lessons for world change.


As, it has been very topical at the moment, the subject of the movement of Saturn. Saturn is the planet that represents reincarnation re- living past experiences in order to rectify and correct mistakes of the past . See a full explanation of "Saturn in Leo" for July 2005 - July 2007.

The power of Love, Forgiveness and Peaceful Prayer on all sides can change everything - even a rectification of past-lives.

Saturn in Leo will teach our generation to change through love and peace. A complete cessation to hatred and violence.

The planets have an energy that we do not fully understand, but nonetheless they have an energy to influence the events and people on earth, both on a collective and individual level . The planets were created by GOD, and the whole solar system is moving in a precise clockwork..

7. When Does "Astrology" Influence and When Can We Override or Block Bad Astrological Influences ?

The concept that astrological influences DO NOT necessarily influence our lives, as our soul has a pathway which sometimes fits in astrologically and sometimes not. We shall explain the difference and the indicative signs to know the difference in the section "seeing the future".

Many people ask why Jewish astrologers are more precise than others. The answer is simply that Jewish astrology teaches that we all have a soul, our spiritual soul has a power that is instilled by the ETERNAL DIVINE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE - GOD.

The DIVINE energy of GOD can override any astrological influences, and hence the human with a powerful and determined spiritual energy within the soul CAN change astrologically determined events .

For reasons of reincarnation or lessons that ones soul needs to learn, fate and destiny may arrange events to happen that are not seen astrologically . It is well known that the famous Jewish astrologer Nostrodamus based much of his prophecies on spiritual communication together with the astrological knowledge. He knew events of the future from being given knowledge from the spirit world. His knowledge was based on Jewish texts and the truth.

For example, Nostrodamus was strongly committed to the belief that the world will live for 7000 years ( 6000 years plus 1000 years of REST - "Shvii Olam Habo"), as stated clearly in the Tana Devei Eliyahu below. By keeping to the truth, the truthful spiritual prophecy will come to the person . As discussed on our SPIRIT & GUIDANCE page . The passage of Eliyahu confirming the world will live to be of 7000 years; This year 2007 = 5767 since creation of the world; By the year 6000 the MOSHIACH will definately have arrived !



We can ALL override Astrological Influences

Sourced from the Famous Yaaros Devash by Rebbe Reb Yehonosson Eibeshitz of Metz We have reproduced the whole passage above for those who can read hebrew.

We can ALL override "Astrology"

This important passage teaches us that the SOUL can override ANY astrological influence. This passage teaches that Ahaseurus a Babylonian King of 2000 years ago and his astrologers knew that there are some influences due to astrology, but there are precipitating and overriding SOUL influences that can CHANGE destiny in everyones life. Hence "astrologers" do not always predict the correct future as they fail to take into account the influence of the soul and the ability to change.

According to this Jewish text, it explains how simple it is to CHANGE, even something that is fated and destined can be changed. This is the principle of SEFER SHINUYIM - the book of changes and Sefer Tikunim - the book of corrections, that through the power of ones SOUL, that is the power of LOVE and FORGIVENESS one CAN CHANGE EVERY SITUATION !

Summary of this Astrology page

In conclusion, the study of astrology is simply to make you aware that there is a divinely orchestrated plan in ones life. With the help of the energy of the planets, your soul chose the life you are in and the lessons you wanted to teach yourself.

The chapter of Palmistry, will also re-affirm that your life has specific pathway, with destined love, life and occupation.

After understanding that you have a mapped out destiny, this website continues with the Jewish teachings to explain how you can either come back to your destiny. ( if you have been led astray in Sefer Tikunim) OR to CHANGE your destiny for the better, climbing the spiritual ladder of awareness of GOD, and coming closer to GOD through unconditional LOVE , by changing as taught from Sefer Shinuyim - the book of Changes.

Monthly Astrological Events & Email

Please see "this months" astrological events in accordance with the jewish calendar, and to subscribe to a monthly email please send use the contact form, we shall send a brief email of any useful astrological events for the month, including the Jewish dates and days which are astrologically and spiritually energized with good Mazel !

FootNotes to Astrology Page:-

Additional and useful information


In this new astrology website http://coca-coma.com  we shall will explain this comprehensively. And how to obtain a FREE Natal Birthchart.

Reading "birthchart's" is simple and with the use of common sense is easy. If you see the chart looks comfortable and balanced the the person is comfortable and balanced, if there are planets opposing each other, then it means the person has inner conflicts with themselves, which needs to be worked upon through "rising above" and canceling out the "anger of oppositions" in their chart by unconditional LOVE, as explained on "Change" in this website and on "the Power of Love" page.

Hence sometimes we find two people attracted to each other, not because of any other reason other than they have energies the other one needs, with which each uses the others energy to cancel out the opposition of negative and conflicting energies in their own birth-chart.

Example of Birthcharts

Looking at this example of a birth chart on the left below, you can see a unbalanced chart, although there are no oppositions between any of the planets, there are vacant / void houses. This person will always need someone to fill the energy of these empty houses to balance ones life, that "someone" is a true soulmate.

This is very typical of many peoples charts that there will be "missing" energies that only there true soulmate can fill, this is the simplistic explanation as to why people connect well with one another.

The next chart on the right above is actually of an event the Allied invasion of Europe on 6th June 1944, to free and rid europe of tyranny it is the Chart for D-Day landings at Sunrise on Utah beach on 6th June 1944 Normandy France.

There are strong oppositions from the moon's energy to the Sun, Venus and Saturn, the remainder of the chart reflects an enormous amount of energy. The energy of this chart is mainly contained within the lines of OPPOSITION, this was indeed D-Day, fighting with courage and aggression for life; It was a day of the Full Moon, giving the maximum astrological strength of the Moon in the month to guarentee success.

In particular to note, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the 4th house - the house of home, family and roots, indeed the heroic, brave and selfless actions of the Second world war veterans on D - Day landings at Utah, Omaha, Juno beaches and all over Normandy, reflected the determination to rid Europe of the tyranny and evil Nazi murdering aggressors, and to change EUROPE from Aggression to restore peace and harmony. They brought about change and sacrificed their lives to provide safety and financial security, love, democracy and peace in the home sector, for our benefit and for the benefit all generations.

Nothing could be more precisely describe the heroic actions of the men on D Day . Thanks to them we have peace today. And the tyrannical murderous aggressive nazis disappeared.

I have received numerous emails, and thank you for enlightening me:- IF YOU PLOT YOU ASTRO CHART IN THE PARTNER SECTION WITH D DAY LANDINGS JUNE 6th 1944. THEN MOST PEOPLE WILL HAVE A DIRECT AND TREMENDOUS ENERGY CONNECTION WITH D DAY. Indeed that is fascinating, as most of us are here today because of the bravery of the American and English soldiers on D-Day.

The Full Sefer Raziel Amsterdam Edition

Jewish Traditional Astrology Texts

The secret of Jewish astrology is to be aware that we have a soul, and that the energy of GOD and our soul can override and supercede any astrological influences of the physical planets. This is in accordance with spiritual laws. The awareness that we have a soul in our physical body is of vital importance to understanding Jewish astrology, and will enable one to understand astrology perfectly with truthfulness and perfection .

All our teachings are in accordance with the famous Raziel Hamalach , Book of Changes - Sefer Shinuyim ,Yonatan Ben Uziel , Tana Devei Eliyahu and Yaaros Devash of Rebbe Reb Yehonosson Eibeshitz, amongst the traditional Jewish texts of Talmud passed down from generation to generation for over 2000 years.