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Core Values


History& Background


History and Background

The Global Peace Center has been created as a site on the Net by Paz El 2000 to inspire Jews, Muslims, and the Christians from all backgrounds and to explore their heritage in this natural place. It is miraculous, filled with charm and mystery. It is cherished to the Western worlds it has been a focal point for all people.

The greatness of King David will always be remembered, because of his courageousness and prophetical regal character. He was a type of the Messiah, who was anointed king of Israel.

King David was the only King that was also a minister of Peace.

He established in Mt Zion his residence and built himself a palace and resolved to bring up the Ark of the Covenant in his residence. Here, he placed a tabernacle where he erected for the purpose. He carefully set in order that all the ritual of divine worship, along with the high priest that start a new religious era. The service of praise was the first time introduced into public worship. Mt. Zion became henceforth "God's holy hill."

 King David entered on a series of conquests which greatly extended and strengthened his kingdom. The whole territory was under his sway. He had reached the height of all his glory where he ruled over a vast empire and have been principally engaged in accumulating treasures for the great temple of Jerusalem, which was reserved for his successor to build, a house which was to be exceeding magnificently, of fame and glory throughout all countries.

 After the successful termination of all his wars, David formed the idea of building a temple for the ark of God, which was not permitted, for the main reason he had been a man of war. The building of the temple was reserved for his son Solomon, who would be a man of peace.

 The exciting and laborious life he had spent, and the dangers and trials through which he had passed away and was buried in the city of David where his tomb was pointed out on Mt Zion. And it was during the Early Mohammedan and Crusader Period, the period where the structure of housing his tomb took an importance and is mentioned for the first time by Arab historians, Crusaders and Jews. And on the Mameluke Period the building of his tomb structure became the priority where it acquired its present day form.

 GPC on the other hand, as a non-profit organization originally founded by Adam Huber in Israel and establish in 2000. It has been specifically created to facilitate an interface between the peoples and religions of the world. GPC chose the Internet as the center for peace.


The Great Peace which people of good will throughout the centuries have inclined their hearts, of which countless generations have expressed their vision, and for which from age to age the sacred scriptures of mankind have constantly held the promise, is now at long last within the reach of the nations. "The   yearning for global peace and harmony." Now, that we are in the second millennium, peace, togetherness and oneness is so compelling that people and religious groups of all nations proclaim not only readiness but their longing for it. For them, true peace become visible and the newly awakened appeal of spirituality flow naturally together and usher in a new era of hope.

 It is then, that the Internet was chosen as an ideal place for such quest than a jewel the place for   Paz El 2000 a place that is cherished and opportunity for Judaism, Christianity and Islam the only gateway where all peoples for thousands of years became in a place where the future dovetails with the past and fresh promise of the present. It is also considered as the location of choice for initiating dialogue as the "House for all Peoples." - A place that raises the consciousness of spiritual heritage and sensations, its give incredible yet tangible feeling of pure oneness, love and peace.

 With such a mystic the Internet also inherent the spiritual energy and forces that channeled to all the programs anchored to GLOBAL PEACE CENTER in a unique outreach, to fulfill its mystic role and responsibility, to let people known and realized that ultimately nations will follows to strengthen and perpetuate the magnificent of all peoples' heritage. That through such change it will make the people God's special nation.

 One of my Rabbi states: "Change is imperative and need spiritual tools for proper guidance and the

Need to produce and balance in maintaining profound inner peace, a genuine

Spiritual inner freedom and help humanity in a meaningful and lasting way."

  It is out of deep sense of spiritual and moral principles that GPC is impelled in dealing with the issue of peace, and every challenges arises in the essence of peace that stems from inner state supported by spiritual attitude and in evoking the possibility of enduring solutions can be found.

 The establishment of GPC on the Net gives blessing and opportunity that will create spiritual people of all nations and religions. And once there will be oneness and togetherness the windows of opportunity in history, people of perception and conviction can seize the moment of peace, which can only be done when one expand and nourish global peace.





GPC provides with the tools and resources to provide and develop opportunities to think, fell and be peace in promoting viable spiritual heritage in all societies.


GPC envisions a world where everyone feels and experiences the meaningful atmosphere of spirituality and become part of Peace Expression where members of communities have full and equal participation in the process that ensure their well-being, togetherness, oneness, and has the freedom to define the scope of their life, their future and strive to achieve their cry for peace to be heard universally.


The GPC has consistently adhered to the principles laid down by its founders the following objectives: 

       GPC is dedicated in promoting a spiritual culture and environment of peace and non-violence.


       To fulfill its aims of global friendship, cooperation, and understanding.


       To encourage all people to support any worthy cause for Global Peace.


       To strengthen services and provide support system for people and community that needs assistance in nurturing peace.


       To ensure quality spiritual life and an environment conducive to the proper development of peace.


       To help and link together with economic communities and businessmen in various

      Countries to assist in promoting peace.


       To cooperate with other organizations and agencies in promoting the manifesto for global peace and non- violence.


       To be a citizen of the world for the cause of peace and a better world for our

      Children's children and the generation to come.


       To create awareness in diverse sectors such as human dignity, resources,    mobilization, spirituality, togetherness and unity.


       To build more effective networks and increase global capacities among agencies, religious organizations, and  the  governments  through advocacy, lobbying, training, education, information campaigns and projects, at national, regional and grassroots levels in fostering peace.


       To promote a culture of peace and strengthen the human spirit through peace education, arts and media.


       To learn from the past and insist on redress and reconciliation for past spiritual injustices.

Core Values

In promoting the whole idea of peace GPC committed to serve as a reminder to all peoples and organizations the core values in all viable ways:

W - World:  It serves as a reminder in our commitment, above all interests or

                       Differences of any kind on our planetary progress toward peace.


O - Oneness: It is a source and the totality of life, a unique spiritual guidance,

                         Understanding of religion, and social harmony, which can guide us

                         To the life of wisdom, harmony and peace that we are yearning for.                  


R - Respect:   It is a choice of individuals' value system and must be responsible for

                         Their own choice.


L- leadership: The process of awakening of oneself finest values qualities and

                        Principles which encompasses the principles of all religions and

                        Spiritual traditions

 D -diversity: WPC as an organization for universal peace recognize and respect

                         Other organizations who are working for global peace and unity.


P -partnership: It is one of the components of the WPC in attaining its goals and

                          Objectives to be a partner in other organizations, agencies and

                          Groups who are working towards global peace.


E -equality:  All people are free and equal in dignity and rights, political social and

                         Economic and cultural values.


Accountability: WPC always maintains the principle of proper accountability

                           Of all its undertakings of all its resources.


C-cooperation: Working together is one of the factors that bring the feeling of

                             Togetherness among peoples regardless of their religious origin.


E - Empowerment:  Tools are provided for everyone to rebuild their spiritual life.



The universal acceptance of this spiritual principle is essential to any successful attempt to establish world peace upon which the dignity of each and every human is founded that:


       All men and women are created in the image of God.

       Respect for the right of peoples essential for the establishment of world peace.


       Establishment of mutually beneficial cultural, religious and freedom relations based on friendship and mutual respect.



Various programs were designed that suit into the needs of the people and the community.


       Out reach Spiritual Program (OSP)


       Emergency Peace Relief Program ( EPERP )


       Advocacy for Peace Program ( APP)


       Peace Clinic Program ( PCP )


       Medical Dental Care Program (Medicare)

       Psycho- Physio Therapy Program (PPTP)

       Geriatrics Peace Program (  GPP )


       Peace Shelter Program ( PSP )


       Migrant Peace Program ( MPP )

       Street Kids Peace Program ( SKPP )


       Environmental Peace Program ( EPP )


       Educational Assistance Peace Program ( EDAPP )


       Spiritual Educational Program ( SEP )

        Volunteer Peace Program ( VPP )


       Peace Donation Program ( PDP )


       World Gold Bank  ( WGB )

       Goods Donation Peace Bank Program ( GDPBP )



In order to strengthen the GPC programs and objectives, greater reality for future generations the following services were designed:


       Peace Healing Prayers

       Healing candles

       Healing flowers

       Healing stone

       Herbal healing

       Healing water


       Spiritual Prayers for all  mankind


       Dialogues on cultural peace at national/regional/international levels.


       Conferences / Meetings / Workshops/ Trainings/ Seminars on Peace.


       Outreach Psycho- Physio Therapy Services


        Out reach Medical and Dental Services



In the earnest of the GPC desire to impart to all man kind the concept of peace the following strategies were designed:


       Volunteer Strategy


       Collaboration Strategy


       Spiritual and Moral Formation Strategy


       Networking Strategy


       Cooperation Strategy


       Information, Education and Communication Strategy


       Advocacy Strategy


       Sponsorship Strategy


All GPC's activities are based upon the involvement and contribution of GPC staff, donors, founders, and organizations represented in it, to pursues the goal for equal participation of men and women regardless of their races and religions.


Location / Site


Peace Donation Form

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Newsletter / Press Releases

Official Logo

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 Dove = to bring PEACE to the whole world.

 Globe = to impart the importance of PEACE globally

 Hands = to share globally the principles and objectives of GPC